Save the date. More details will be up momentarily. We are working on posters, maps of camps, directions, and an agenda.

Hey Everyone I hope you are all excited for this semester’s APO LEADS day. The Registration Form will be up in a day or two. Thank you for your patients. Also Each course needs a minimum of 12 participants and can only hold a max of 30. At Ramapo when you are checking in there will be sign up sheets for each course. It will be on a first come first serve basis.

Contact information
School Email: apo@ramapo.edu
Alexandra Castiglia LEADS Coordinator –
Cell: (973) 617-7488
Email: acastig1@ramapo.edu

Alyssa Dumatol ADM President –
Email: adumatol@ramapo.edu

We also have an Inter-chapter Coordinator if in future you’d like to co-sponsor a leadership workshop, service project, or fellowship project. Donna Elazar – Email: delazar@ramapo.edu

In regards to Food, Please find the poll below to let me know if you have a specific dietary need. We’d like to order enough food to accommodate everyone who comes. Also if you have a specific food allergy please let me know in advance.

In regards to transportation there are three ways of getting to Ramapo, by car, by train, and by bus. Please take the time to fill out the poll to let me know if your college will be taking the car, train, or bus. If you are taking a car there are written directions posted in this event to help you get here in addition to a campus map that will let you know where to park and where to go afterwards.
If you are taking the train or bus please contact me so we can plan on picking you up from the train/bus stations.

From, Alpha Delta Mu Chapter.
We are all very excited to meet and see you all.